Washington & Jefferson College

Washington & Jefferson CollegeThe Washington & Jefferson College Center for Energy Policy and Management provides opportunities for scientists, industry leaders, elected officials, advocates and citizens to shape policy related to the country’s full array of energy sources while working to minimize environmental impact and promote economic growth. The Center’s Washington & Jefferson Energy Index generates analyses of the nation’s progress towards energy independence and security and translates these analyses into a relatable format that is easily understood so that all parties may use its findings in their work.

Situated atop a wealth of natural resources in Southwestern Pennsylvania, The Center is dedicated to enriching the civil discussion of the country’s energy future by bringing experts together in a spirit of mutual respect and concern for the common good.

In keeping with W&J’s liberal arts tradition of educating tomorrow’s leaders, The Center offers students unmatched research opportunities, internships, certificate programs, and hands-on experience that will prepare them to be stewards of the nation’s energy resources.

The President of Washington & Jefferson College is Dr.Tori Haring-Smith. Diana Stares is the inaugural Director of the Center for Energy Policy and Management. Dr. Alexander Mirtchev is member of the Advisory Board of the Center for Energy Policy and Management, Washington & Jefferson College.