Forbes: Alternative Energy And Global Energy Security In Aftermath Of Rio+20

Mirtchev, A. (2012, August 27). Alternative Energy and Global Energy Security in Aftermath of Rio+20. Forbes.

ForbesG20 leaders convened in Mexico on June 18-19 and from there the caravan of ministers headed south to Brazil for the Rio+20 UN Earth Summit. With the Greek political drama (again) and euro zone debt crisis (again) consuming leaders’ attention at the G20, and developed and developing countries unable to bridge their mutual distrust on ‘green economy’ issues in Brazil, the aftermath of was a resounding global yawn.

Rio+20 was branded an ‘epic failure’ by environmental groups and a ‘disappointment’ by the head of Britain’s delegation, Nick Clegg.  China and the United States were a bit more upbeat.

China was relieved that the final declaration reaffirmed that poorer countries should not have the same responsibilities as wealthier ones; the U.S. was relieved that the declaration did not commit wealthy countries to providing $30 billion annually to developing nations. Both cohorts were absolved from assuming additional responsibility.