Voice of America: Faced with the Global Economic Crisis, Multinationals Consider a Two-Pronged Strategy – Expanding Their Global Footprint and Focusing Beyond their Core Businesses

11 Alexander Mirtchev VOAIn an interview with Voice of America television, Dr. Alexander Mirtchev, an economic policy expert and president of Krull Corporation, shed light on the strategic options that multi-national companies have in some rapidly emerging markets during the economic crisis and beyond.

Dr. Mirtchev points out that the recovery packages in development by the G7 economies have a direct impact on developing economies, such as China, Brazil, and Russia, as well as on the smaller emerging markets, and the respective measures they are undertaking. “It is now understood that there is no truth to the view that emerging markets are ‘decoupled’ from the global economy — they are facing the same systemic pressures as the rest of the world, and their reaction — which varies from country to country and from industry to industry — is putting paid to the notion that these markets can be bundled and packaged together as ‘the same class of asset.'”