Voice of America: The New G20 “G-ometry” – from Euclidean multi-polarity to Newtonian multi-centricity toward a multidimensional multifaceted Brave New World

09 VOA Alexander Mirtchev 2Mirtchev, A. (2008, December 20). The New G20 “G”-ometry – From Euclidian Multi-Polarity to Newtonian Multi-Centricity Toward a Multidimensional Multifaceted Brave New World. Voice of America. 

In an interview with Voice of America television, Dr. Alexander Mirtchev, President of Krull Corp., analyzed the implications of government intervention in the markets in response to the challenges of the financial crisis and the economic downturn. The measures that have been announced via international platforms, such as the G8 and G20, reflect the changing G-ometry of the world. Just like the understanding of physics and mathematics transitioned from Euclidian to a Newtonian model, so has the world system gone beyond the perceived limited poles of geopolitical and geo-economic power, which has brought about a new set of dimensions and facets to geopolitical interactions. These measures were overwhelmingly embraced by the governments of both developed and developing countries and attempt to reconcile divergent ways of creating a consumption-based recovery. He warns that the state’s role in such a consumer-led recovery could result in further economic imbalances and does not account for the specifics of the newly evolved international financial system. Managing the recovery overall will require an innovative global approach and a new level of international coordination in order to address the systemic weaknesses that lie at the heart of the financial crisis. An example of the divergence of international positions on this issue can be found in the comparison of the rescue options and current measures available to the governments in the U.S. and other G-7 economies, and governments of rapidly developing economies such as Russia, Brazil, China and India.