Krull Corporation

Krull Corp. was founded in 1992 with a mission to engage in emerging economic trends, global business strategies, as well as economic and political risk mitigation.

Krull Corp. selects projects with a level of merit that represents a befitting challenge and crafts solutions to exceed expectations. The company provides assistance to organizations facing complex issues, including shifting business models and uncertain policies in dynamic markets.  Krull Corp.’s expertise is applied primarily in the areas of emerging economic trends, such as the data-driven economy, the new energy equilibrium and world economy development, as well as economic growth, industrial restructuring, and modernization.

Over the last 17 years, Krull Corp. has consulted a list of distinguished clients worldwide, including multinational private and public sectors, leading policymakers and sovereign nations – to overcome significant economic, structural and logistical issues. Krull has consistently delivered positive outcomes in strategic projects worldwide.

For every endeavor, Krull Corp. draws upon its distinctive resources, a depth of knowledge, and key relationships with stakeholders to benefit clients with the expertise of Krull’s superior and formidable network – economic, legal and administrative – throughout the world.

Alexander Mirtchev
Alexander Mirtchev